Advanced ProfessionS

Requirements and Application
1) Reputation in the Community. We are looking to see if the character in question already has a suitable reputation that fits the class. We are looking for those characters whom stand out for certain skills or believes, one’s that everyone would consider the “go-to” for whatever that AP symbolizes. For instance, if you are applying for the Saint AP for Saint of Seasons, you need to be known as the person for Tribes of Season, one who the players go to for Seasons related activities and leadership. If you want to be a Bonebreaker, the community needs to see you as the go to Bad Ass Brawler. Each AP fits into this mold slightly differently, but in general you need to be acknowledged by the community for your leadership and/or prowess.

2) Contribution to the IC Community. We are looking for characters that actively contribute to the creation of IC community. Characters that take an active role in the game to motivate, inspire, and create are at the forefront of consideration for an AP. Often reputation will flow from contribution and activity, so the first two factors usually go hand in hand. Saint candidates should create religion based social functions, perhaps Bone Breaker candidates could make fight clubs, etc. The sky is the limit, we are just looking for that extra effort to make the IC community more fun. We are looking for individuals to have already started these contributions by the time they apply.

3) Costuming and Role-play. We are also looking for characters whose costuming is exceptional and evocative of the AP, as well as those whose RP is likewise evocative of the chosen AP.

4) Contribution to the OOC Community. Finally, we are looking for those who are contributing on an out of character level to the DR Community. We are looking for players that actively involve themselves in our community to make it a better place and serve not only as exemplars of role-play and costuming but also of player behavior and dedication.

If you are seeking to apply for an Advanced Profession, please complete and submit the following form: 

Player Name *
Player Name
Please give the name of the Advanced Profession you would like to be considered for.
Please list all Requirements for the Advanced Profession you are requesting as well as affirmation that you have met all of these requirements.
Please briefly tell us why you believe your character fits this Advanced Profession and what this will contribute to the rest of the game.
I understand that Advanced Professions are rare, are not given out lightly, and often require years of role play to achieve. I understand that my request will be considered, reviewed, and I should have absolutely no expectation of being rewarded with an Advanced Profession. I may only submit for an Advanced Profession once every six months, and I understand that applying multiple times may hinder (or prevent) attaining an Advanced Profession. I understand that I should only request for review once I have attained all requirements for my Advanced Profession. I understand this review will take up to 60 days. I understand that in order to make for a more immersive and organic experience with potential mentors, I will receive no notification of the results.