Director for Dystopia Rising Washington

Cascadia Events, LLC is looking individuals interested in the position of Director at Dystopia Rising Washington.  The position is intended to be done primarily in the event space with some work at home, as well as regular contact via email, messenger and video/audio internet calls. You will work directly with the Cascadia Events, LLC team as well as a fellow Director(s).  We are looking for individuals who fulfill many of of the below criteria, but not all.

Ultimately, the team created will work diligently as a unit to make sure each aspect below is addressed fully.  We are looking to create a team of six individuals, two owners, two directors, and two employees, who will each contribute to fill every aspect needed by the business.  Feel free to highlight what particular duties are your strengths and feel free to use the traditional roles (Coordinator, Storyteller) as a guideline, but an applicant is not bound by them.  We are looking for individuals who excel in a few particular duties and can bring those duties to the team dynamic.

Position duties may include:

- Directors must be able to attend all scheduled DR:WA events (8-12), which primarily consist of a monthly game that requires director oversight from noon on Friday to 4pm on Sunday.  This block of time includes the transportation of materials to site, pre-game setup, and post game break down and clean up.

-Business Management as an authorized agent of Dystopia Rising: WA.  The directors are often called upon to make managerial decisions that impact our business.  The applicant should have experience or training making important decisions with minimal oversight regarding things such as site issues, unplanned expenses, and other ambiguous situations that require some degree of business acumen.

-Logistical Management involving keeping written documentation and communication via project management websites, as well as messenger services and email. Applicants for this position will have a strong understanding of how logistics impacts the successful running of a multi-day event.  It will be a critical aspect of the job to ensure that people and materials are where they need to be when they are needed.

-Mentor, provide administrative oversight, train and manage teams in a manner that ensures a safe and welcoming event space for our customers

-Develop and manage monthly content needed to create an Immersive Experience

-Visual Design of an Immersive Experience

- Marketing and Sales including attendance at conventions and social events throughout the year. Ensure that Dystopia Rising: WA is represented at trade shows, conventions, and other social events in a positive and consistent manner

-Community Management of both social media and live spaces to encourage a positive and healthy environment for all who attend.

-Conflict Resolution and Identification of Issues that hinder community growth. Applicants should be prepared to discuss and to identify and resolve interpersonal and group conflicts.  As new methods, training, and guidance becomes available, a successful Director should be flexible and enthusiastic about finding new ways to improve the community.

-Each Director, with owner approval, may hire one Employee Assistant of their choosing who they may hire and dismiss.  Employee must not have any discipline actions from Dystopia Rising. The Assistant may take on any delegated duties delineated above that the hiring Director requires. (e.g  Social Media and Marketing Assistant or Visual Design and Immersive Experience Creation Assistant) Keep in mind what the Assistant will bring to the team as a whole. They will be paid employees of DR:WA.

Applicants should:

- Be able to be legally employed in the US

- Live in the general area of Western Washington.

- Have reliable transportation

- Have reliable internet access and a personal computer, with a facebook and instagram accounts

- Have a working knowledge of Squarespace and Microsoft Office

- Experience in customer service

- Have a friendly, positive attitude

- Excellent communication skills

Preferred additional skills:

- Experience in event planning

- Experience in community management

-Experience in managing social media and marketing

Salary negotiable, based on experience.

Please highlight your particular areas of expertise and rate your expertise in all catagories above.  Please send resume, two (2) work-related references, a vision statement of where the DR:WA branch would be headed under your leadership to and with the type of Role you have in mind. (Traditionally Coordinator and Storyteller).  Also feel free to have possible Assistants in mind and what duties they would cover.


Applications are being accepted through September 7, 2018.