Timeline of Your First Event

Curious how your first event will go? Here’s a general timeline of how your first event with Dystopia Rising: Washington will play out.
Get to site and don’t remember a word of this? Cool, ask the nearest person and they’ll happily point you in the right direction.

4pm friday

4PM is the earliest you can arrive at our event site.

Come to our “Post Office” (The in-game center for all your logistical needs).

  • Pick up your character sheet if you pre-registered and checked-in, or you can wait in line to register if you didn’t.

  • It’s your first time here, you’ll also need to read and sign our waiver.

  • Get your armor and weapon props checked for safety, and tagged for in-game use.

Head to the new player cabin.

  • The new player cabin is a good place for you to stay for your first three games (you can stay elsewhere if you wish), because it allows you to meet new players just like you.

  • Put your costume on and put your non-genre items away before 8pm.

8PM Friday

Head to the Tavern for Opening Announcements.

  • Our Guides will go over important site, safety, and story information.

  • Don’t forget your red light flashlight!

Directly after opening announcements will be our new player orientation. You’ll meet a knowledgeable member of our staff, who will go over how to play the game with you and make sure you have all the needed safety information. They’ll also be able to answer any game related questions you may have, or will be able to direct you to the right staff member.

9PM Friday

Game on!

Have fun at game! Fight zombies, trade, craft in game items, get to know your fellow survivors. Spend the weekend as your character.

Keep in mind is that every person does a four hour “NPC Shift”. This will occur at NPC Land.

Game off.

Be at the Tavern for Closing Announcements.

  • Our Guides will go over important story and cleanup information.

  • They will also announce where the optional after game meet-up (“Afters”) location is.

Grab any items you left in the tavern. If you’ve borrowed a weapon prop, return it to NPC Land and retrieve your ID from the Post Office. Then head back to the New Player Cabin for cleanup.

  • A Guide will sign off on your character sheet when your cabin is clean.

Go to the Post Office.

  • Get your camp cleanup shift assigned. Everyone working together to clean up after game makes everything faster.

After you complete your camp cleanup, return to the Post office to drop off your character sheet.

12PM Sunday

This is roughly when you should be done with cleanup. We hope you had fun! Head home to get some much needed sleep, or come meet-up for food with us at Afters. Talk about your adventures, plan your next big event and check back to our schedule for your next event at Dystopia Rising: Washington!

2-3PM Sunday